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Your Moon Sign: The Key to Your Soul

What do you desire? What drives you at the deepest level? 

In the astrological chart, the Moon is the part of the Primal Triad that rules your inner self, the parts of you not easily seen. Your deepest needs, desires and drives can be found in your Moon sign.

The Moon takes about 27 days and 8 hours to travel through all 12 zodiac signs so it spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign every month. (There are 29.5 days between every new moon.) That means a person born with the same Sun sign as you may have a lot of basic personality traits in common with you. But depending on their Moon sign, their emotional nature can be very different!

The Moon governs the laws of the inner world. You can think of your moon sign as a source of information on: 

  • how to relate to our heart and soul
  • our deepest needs
  • the mood of our life, averaged over a lifetime
  • the secret of our individual happiness
  • how we heal ourselves and others
  • how to listen to and trust our hearts. Our family of origin—and any family we might create. 

Each of these elemental ideas inform LILA’s understanding of the Moon. They are all different facets of the same diamond. Your Moon sign gives you information about your inner life, motivations and workings. Armed with that, you can craft these many facets into the ability to nurture yourself and others.

Here’s what LILA astrologer Steven Forrest says about the underlying evolutionary intention of each Moon sign: 

Moon in Aries: to teach the heart courage

Moon in Taurus: to teach the heart earthiness, peace, and acceptance of the animal nature

Moon in Gemini: to teach the heart curiosity and communication skills

Moon in Cancer: to heal the heart

Moon in Leo: to teach the heart to feel safe enough to sing and roar

Moon in Virgo: to teach the heart accurate self-assessment and discrimination

Moon in Libra: to teach the heart trust and serenity

Moon in Scorpio: to probe down into most wounded places in the heart

Moon in Sagittarius: to teach the heart faith

Moon in Capricorn: to teach the heart self-discipline, maturity and integrity

Moon in Aquarius: to teach the heart freedom and authenticity

Moon in Pisces: to teach the heart to identify itself with the larger framework of consciousness—with the soul, in essence