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Your Sun Sign: The Key to Knowing Yourself

Who are you and why are you here?

In the astrological chart, the Sun represents your identity and core self. It’s the essence of who you are, the fuel you burn, the “glue” of your chart. Everything revolves around the Sun.

With its massive gravitational field, the Sun holds the planets in their courses. If it were to disappear, one of the many unpleasant effects of its sudden absence would be that the planets—and we along with them—would simply fly off into space. 

This is our first hint about the astrological meaning of the Sun: As with the solar system, so with your head—the Sun’s task is to hold you together, too. 

The Sun represents the basic values to which you must be true if your life is going to make sense to you. It is the common denominator in all your wise decisions. 

Your Sun sign points to your core values—the ones that will most consistently give you a feeling of selfhood. If you are true to your natal Sun, you’ll understand why you’re alive and what you’re here to contribute. 

When you understand your Sun sign, you will know the essence of who you are. For a relationship to work, your partners need to be able to at least allow, and at best support you living up to the highest values of your Sun sign.

Sun Sign Dates

Please note that the Sun moves into a new sign at a different time every calendar year. If you’re born on a “cusp,” you’ll need to do a birth chart with your time, date and location of birth.