Astrology Relationship App for Self-Discovery + Deeper Connections

Our Story


Down one path — the conventional one for a retired NFL football player of my caliber — I could become a coach or a TV broadcaster. Or down another, much more unconventional path, I could pursue my dream of becoming a professional astrologer.

I chose the latter.

Although I’d been studying astrology seriously for over 10 years at the time, I hadn’t considered doing anything professionally with it until the Spring of 2015, around the same time I met my future wife and one of LILA’s co-founders, Linnea Miron.I met Linnea at a birthday party when she approached me after being impressed with my impromptu toast honoring our mutual friend. We struck up an interesting conversation that led me to ask her if she knew her Sun sign, to which she replied, “I’m a Pisces, but I don’t know what that means.”

I informed her that Pisces was the sign of the mystic. She gave me a confused look as if to suggest she was surprised by my interpretation.  She replied, “I’m actually a corporate attorney.”

Having a partner with whom I could share and explore astrology deeply enriched my life.

The next thing I knew, Linnea was joining me in attending Steven’s classes. We were learning astrology together. I noticed that having a partner with whom I could share and explore astrology deeply enriched my life.  It reminded me of the saying that a family who prays together, stays together.  

Linnea and I had a shared language that we could use to deepen and improve our relationship. We knew we were on to something, but it wasn’t until we attended Steven’s seminar on Relationship Astrology that our vision began to coalesce.

It’s an understatement to say that we were blown away by Steven’s synastry class. It brought so much understanding about our past failed relationships, as well as a deeper appreciation of why we ended up in each other’s lives. (We got so much clarity about ourselves and our relationship that we got married a month later.)

On the final day of that workshop, Linnea and I approached Steven with an idea that had us up all night thinking about it. We had to find a way to turn this priceless information into something that everyone can use: an app for a mobile device. 

Steven thought it was a good idea and we were off.  Linnea and I had enough money saved to hire a development shop to begin building LILA (Sanskrit for divine play).  Like many first time tech founders, we took our lumps and learned some things the hard way. And what we lacked in experience, we made up for with luck. 

One day, Matt Cohen, a close family friend and now LILA’s COO, overheard Linnea and I complaining about an issue with the development shop we hired to create LILA. Matt had spent the past several years building and launching a social discovery app as CEO of his own tech startup, and offered to take a look to see if he could help. 

Through the process of consulting us and getting us back on track developing LILA, Matt began to embrace our vision. He joined the founding team and has been crucial in getting us to this point.

Although they are not original founders, The AstroTwins are also an integral part of our team and another example of our good luck. We knew that we had a great idea and the ability to bring it to fruition, but we lacked experience in marketing an astrology-based business. 

After searching social media and the web, it was clear that The AstroTwins’ Astrostyle brand stood out above everyone else's. We reached out to gauge their interest. To our pleasant surprise, they were fans of Steven and shared our vision of using astrological insights to give people practical tools to enrich their lives. 

We've now all been working together for over six months, bringing together our visions and voices and our shared passion for helping people develop conscious relationships using astrology.