Can’t We All Just Get Along? Sometimes it’s complicated.

Team Lila

October 18, 2023
2 minutes

LILA goes far beyond Sun Signs to shine a light on the happiest paths for your most important relationships!

Are my partner and I compatible? Can a Capricorn and Aquarius live happily ever after? What about a Virgo and Sagittarius? Who should I date (or not date)? Will my partner and I make it?

We get it. There’s such a hunger for predictions and hard-fast answers when it comes to the complicated business of joining two human lives. Was a relationship written in the stars or is it doomed to fail? And while our burning curiosity seems to get focused in the fires of romantic love, astrology — at least the kind we practice here at LILA — provides an equal-opportunity lens through which we can better understand any relationship — from a new crush to a lifelong friend — and every kind of human bond in between.

Are Scorpios destined to murder Leos? Are Virgos and Tauruses always going to live happily ever after? In love, the stakes are high so everyone would like clear answers. The trouble is that rigid answers like that are not reliable. Much depends on choices the people make. We understand that any relationship can grow and thrive if both people are willing to do the work. LILA is here to help you understand each other and to untangle any tangled lines of communication. We don’t predict anything for one simple reason – we respect you too much to think that you are predictable!

Let’s not ever lose sight of the fact that there is no generic love experience and no one-size-fits all, paint-by-numbers, fail-safe approach for how two hearts can beat together harmoniously (is that even the point?). The coming together of two multidimensional beings replete with their own karmic patterns, early life dynamics, rose-colored expectations or deserving circumspection is a wild experiment and wondrous uncertainty.

We are SO much more than our Sun Signs. We are a Universe to discover.

On top of all of that, let’s also remember that no one is just a Sun sign. You have the Moon and Venus and the rest in your chart too, and all of the planets need to make a deal with the planets in the other person’s chart. Life is complicated, and LILA never pretends that it isn’t.

It’s important to remember that behind every natal chart — is a HUMAN with agency.

So what can astrology do and not do? Choice and free will are our fundamental tenets here at LILA. We’re here to help you and your loved one accentuate your strengths, appreciate your differences, and grow within your unique circumstances. That process starts with a long, hard look at the two individual birth charts – separately – with an eye on your individual intimacy needs. Based on the interplay of those two “sky-maps”, LILA acts as a wise friend, counseling you about how to bring out the best in your bond.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. - Carl Jung