Capricorn Season: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Kelly Chambers

December 12, 2023
2 minutes

What does peak success mean to you? Your natal Saturn has something to say about it! Visit the Lila app, and then roll up your sleeves!

After the faith-fueled fire of Sagittarius season, we transition to Capricorn’s earthy realm and its predilection for accomplishment and utility in the eyes of the world. If Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a quest for meaning, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a quest for excellence. Wary of distraction, easy wins and instant gratification, Capricorn sets its sights on the highest peak equipped with an intrinsic understanding of the discipline, hard work and endurance it takes to summit.

In the days between December 21st and January 22nd, we are primed to invoke the Sea-Goat’s winning strategies, and experience Capricorn’s perhaps greatest aphrodisiac: the inimitable satisfaction of achievement that reflects one’s personal essence. That climb up the mountain faces the inevitable limitations of time and resources, but to get the most out of this season we are encouraged to confront the brevity of life insofar as it focuses our lens on what truly matters!

“Be ruthless to the things that don’t matter. How many have laid waste to your life when you weren’t aware of what you were losing, how much was wasted in pointless grief, foolish joy, greedy desire, and social amusement — how little of your own was left to you. You realize you are dying before your time!” - Seneca

In today’s increasing access to easy dopamine fixes, it can take considerable effort to pare down distraction and practice self-restraint in service of the greater win. As author Anna Lembke reminds us in her groundbreaking book, Dopamine Nation, “abstinence rests the brains reward pathway and with it our capacity to take joy in simpler pleasures.” You don’t have to become an ascetic, but there’s no better time to ground your intentions, exercise discipline, and practice some intentional solitude to reacquaint yourself with what’s truly meaningful.

To attune to your Capricorn energy, explore any natal planets you may have in Capricorn, read up on the meaning of your natal Saturn, and take action!

5 Actionable Steps in Capricorn Season

  1. Surrender one time-sucking, suboptimal habit that frees your time and energy for a bigger win
  2. Think of the most difficult thing that you’ve been putting off — DO THAT.
  3. Log hours in silence and spend some time in solitude; really be present in your own energy even if it means putting others’ needs on hold or your phone on silent!
  4. Review your greatest accomplishments and take a moment to celebrate yourself for a job well done — regardless of public opinion!
  5. Ask yourself if and where has applause or adulation stunted growth — do your actions and accomplishments still live up to your PERSONAL standards?