Craving Chill Vibes? Keep Calm and Taurus On

The Body Doesn’t Lie

The Sun is ready to shift its spotlight in the Zodiac, attuning our collective attention to the sensual earth vibes of the 2nd sign — Taurus. After the momentous, trial-by-fire season of Aries, we’re ready to ground our feet back on the earth. In the days between April 19th and May 20th, working with the cosmic flow means, in part, quelling our inner daredevil in service of finding our bearings.

Taurean strategy leans into our animal instincts and body's intelligence — take cues to slow down, experience silence, and enjoy beauty. Being mindful of those needs will go far this season! From there, a more pragmatic assessment and sustainable work ethic can be put into motion to ground those bright Aries-season beginnings.

But that’s not all…

From April 18th until tomorrow, April 21st, Jupiter and Uranus have been in an exact conjunction at 21 degrees of Taurus, testing the Bull’s capacity to stabilize amidst a flurry of growth, change, and disruption to the status quo! We’re also in eclipse season, accelerating the cycles of endings and beginnings — so it can only behoove you to lean into Taurean strategies like: ritualizing experiences that calm you down, implementing the discipline to keep things simple, and focusing on sustaining and building your resources.

5 Actionable Steps in Taurus Season:

  1. Make a budget! Get clear on your earnings and expenses — write down those numbers as if you’re meeting with a loan specialist. Are those numbers sustainable and supportive of your goals? If not, it’s time to be more intentional with your resources and make a plan.
  2. Prioritize feeling secure, calm, and grounded! Ask yourself what you can do every day to increase that vibration? Identify your (affordable) luxuries and indulge yourself in 2 of them! Just as importantly, ask yourself what energy leaks or psychic vampires you can give up to preserve your peace.
  3. Get hands-on! Whether that’s stroking your own pets, picking up your crochet needle, or dusting off your guitar or painting your wall a new color… it’s time to ritualize the parasympathetic rhythm induced by a tactile skill.
  4. Connect with nature! Sit and feed the birds, take the longer, scenic route just for the breathtaking views, savor your breakfast as the Sun rises.
  5. Feed your Senses and Create Ambience! Celebrate your belly, invite new scents, put on the nice sheets, and dim the lights. Venus-ruled Taurus needs sensuous foreplay as a runway to success and centeredness.

Finally, use the Lila app to explore how to optimize your month by knowing what planets and specific areas of life are amplified.

🔭 Scroll to the “My Chart” screen and read about your Venus (Taurus’s planetary ruler).

🔭 Look at your chart visual and see on what house Taurus lies on the cusp. Every planet transiting in Taurus will “light up” that house — bringing energy and attention to those themes. Do you see any natal planets in Taurus there? You can review what those planets want in the description of each natal placement below.

If the transiting Taurus Sun is grazing through your…

♉️ 1st House: Now is the time to refresh or revise your commitment to a destination — and initiate necessary action with long-term sustainability in mind. Your stubbornness may serve you well at this time, but remember to stay flexible when a situation calls for it — bending like the reed in the wind only underlines your strength, not detracts from it.

♉️ 2nd House: You’re ready to prioritize stability and enjoy a greater sense of groundedness. Getting clear on your values, financial goals, and energy leaks helps ground your path and magnetize those creature comforts you so deserve.

♉️ 3rd House: You’re ready to find simple, pragmatic solutions to the most complex of problems. An earthy and direct approach in communication calms your nervous system and lets others know clearly where you stand — whether siblings, neighbors, or those you meet in your short travels.

♉️ 4th House: With the spotlight on home and family this season, familiar places and faces can be especially nourishing. Take time to tend to your inner roots as well — this may mean reflection, tending to a garden or household task, or gathering around the table for a home-cooked meal. Don’t underestimate the power of wholesome domestic activities to connect you back to your happy place!

♉️ 5th House: Soulmates may dance into your sphere to solidify a karmic lesson or awaken you to the joy of connection. Acknowledge a natural hunger to be seen and appreciated as it may be time to birth something into the world you’ve been working on behind the scenes.

♉️ 6th House: Gentle persistence turns the wheel of destiny. Don’t underestimate the power of repetition to reap huge rewards — even if it can feel simple and ordinary in the process.

♉️ 7th House: Slowing down, attuning to the appetites of your body, and witnessing beauty together nourish mutual affection, while stubbornness, artifice, or invulnerability sour it. Enjoying someone’s company over a delicious meal or sunset can feel like heaven on earth.

♉️ 8th House: Acknowledging the beauty in the “darker” sides of life nourishes one of your greatest assets - keeping it real, even when the world around you spins with distracting complexity and nuance. Find ways to express yourself and stay grounded even through the throes of intensity.

♉️ 9th House: There’s a spotlight on creating meaningful experience through travel, education, and opening yourself to different ways of seeing the world. If you can’t hike in the Himalayas to invoke the soothing air of a transiting Taurus Sun in your 9th House, find tangible ways to bring a sense of the exotic into your backyard.

♉️ 10th House: The adage Woody Allen popularized — ninety percent of success is just showing up - may be especially appropriate as the Taurus Sun activates your 10th House of career and mission. Doing the work you love every day can build character, be a labor of love, and a source of great abundance.

♉️ 11th House: Creative collaboration and connecting with community are your ace cards this season. You can steal the focus of any room with your calm authority and ability to clarify what’s essential, from what’s merely white noise.

♉️ 12th House: Sometimes simply slowing down, sidestepping the ego and its need for recognition, and being one with all that is the perfect antidote to life’s demands. Whether looking at the stars or practicing Tai Chi, experience yourself as part of the connected web and let things be just as they are, warts and all.