How To Root in Love in Cancer Season

We’re on the precipice of Cancer season and ready to turn our attention inward after the dizzying days of Gemini season. The truth we seek is not out there in the external buzz and infinite combinations of the outer world, but rather in the quiet, subjective reality of our hearts, homes, and feelings.

The instructions for navigating Cancer season are rooted in our instinctive, personal recipes for comfort and nourishment. Paramount to honoring this healing reset is feeling around in the places our minds can’t explain, defend, or contrive. This can look like a good cry, a hug that transcends time and space, or the sounds and smells of our past that bubble into awareness, reminding us of the psychic scaffolding that soothes our emotional DNA.

Our human need for familiarity, first and foremost with our inner self, calls us back to family, old friends, and places that sew an inimitable thread of easy recognition and belonging. Finding something or someone to nurture faces less resistance as the heart’s soundtrack is turned up, drowning out habituated distractions if only for a few precious moments. Listen to that! The Sun in Cancer will be in the good company of Mercury and Venus — so connection with others and heart-to-heart conversations are inseparable from enjoying the season.

5 Actionable Steps in Cancer Season:

  1. Do one thing that uplevels the cozy factor of your home
  2. Revisit and honor something beautiful from your past 
  3. Make time to hang out with your soul family 
  4. Nurture something 
  5. Give and get hugs!

If the transiting Cancer Sun is activating 

💙 1st house: Lead with luminous authority. Don’t underestimate your sensitivity’s power to inspire projects you care deeply about.

💙 2nd house: Take stock of home possessions. One way you care for yourself is by surrounding yourself with what you love and releasing the rest. 

💙3rd house: Your neighborhood is an extension of your home. Projects showing a little love to those you see everyday strengthen your heartstrings and ties to your community. 

💙4th house: You may be happiest at home surrounded by loved ones – and you may even be considering a new addition to the family. Plan a gathering, attend a cooking class, or visit the local shelter for inspiration.

💙5th house: Having fun is the way to give yourself tender loving care. Anything that channels your emotions creatively – an art class, inventing new cuisines, hanging out with your kids - is an act of renewal by recreation.

💙6th house: Workplace connections can deepen, especially as you make an effort to find common ground. Since you see your work as an extension of your heart, your productivity increases without effort.

💙7th house: Make time for falling in love again. Whether you’re single or married, t starts with knowing you deserve to be cared about by nurturing individuals.

💙8th house: It’s time to drop into psychological exploration and revelatory conversation. Whether via a trained therapist, a trusted friend, or a tear-jerking novel, find your way back to your feelings and your truth.

💙9th house: Say yes to experiences that broaden your connection to the larger world. This can mean travel, education, or practicing gratitude by living meaningfully in the here and now. 

💙10th house: You’re ready to shine in the world. It is perfectly appropriate to bring “heart” to your profession; indeed, people are counting on you to do just that.

💙11th house: The time is ripe to focus on your heart’s vision with those who will have a lasting impact on your journey. Go the extra mile to network and cultivate a sense of family amongst like-minded communities.

💙12th house: Taking time and space to wander off the beaten path catalyzes healing and renewal. Whether by walking near the ocean or drawing a bath, get thee to some peace – and some water, if possible!

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