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Key Planetary Questions In Evolutionary Astrology

Key Planetary Questions in Evolutionary Astrology

by Steven Forrest

This list of brief questions will help illuminate the meanings behind these key symbols in the birth chart, as understood through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology.


What are the core principles and soul-intentions to which you must be true in order to maintain sanity, identity, and authenticity? What are the core drives to which you must be true in order to maintain vitality and life-force?


To what "trans"-rational needs and joys must you be true in order to maintain happiness and a feeling of well-being? What is the most effective way in which you can nurture, heal and restore yourself?


How do you compose your outward style in order to achieve a maximum sense of "centeredness?" How do you "get your act together?" What is the optimal stylistic interface between your deep psyche and the outer social and experiential worlds?


What is your natural gift to your community? What is your natural role in the world? What is your "cosmic job description?"


What blindspots in you require strengthening, correction, and stimulation through partnership?


Where do you naturally retreat for vision and re-inspiration? What  self-revelation is the deepest token of trust and intimacy you can offer another person?


What key archetypes underlie your true voice? What is the right, natural shape of your intelligence and what is its purpose? How does the world speak to you in omens?


How do you best release stress and restore equilibrium? What qualities in another person invite your trust, ease, and intimacy? What kinds of aesthetic stimuli uplift your spirit? How do you express affection and fondness, and what does that imply about
the natures of your soulmates?


Where in your life do you most need to develop courage and right assertiveness?
Where must you choose between the role of "hunter" and the role of "prey?"


How and where have you been chronically underestimating yourself? Where might you settle for too little? What was the "Gift of the Gods" given to you at your birth?


What is the Great Workof your life? Where do you most need to guard against excesses of caution and hesitancy? What fear unconsciously shapes and limits your scope of self-expression?


Where must you attend to your individuality and freedom, even at the price of disappointing others? Where must you guard most vigilantly against being twisted into inauthenticity by a need for approval and acceptance?


Where might you surrender too much? Where and how does Spirit speak to you? How can you best develop your psychic sensitivities?


Where do you carry your wise wound and what gave it to you? Where must you go to retrieve your soul?


What unconscious assumptions about yourself and your life might keep you "looping" worn-out prior-life behaviors?


What is the ultimate evolutionary strategy and intention for your soul?