Say Yes to the Improvisational Zing of Gemini Season

You can be amazing

You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug

You can be the outcast

Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love

Or you can start speaking up 

Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way words do

When settle ‘neath your ski

Kept on the inside and no sunlight

Sometimes a shadow wins 

But I wonder what would happen if you 

Say what you wanna say 

And let the words fall out … 

~ Sarah Bareilles “Brave” 🎶

Listen, Learn, Speak, Repeat.

Our connection speed revs up as we enter Gemini season—the adaptable air sign known for its heightened powers of observation, information gathering, and intellectual expression. Ready to embrace your inner teacher, storyteller, or songwriter? Between May 21st and June 20th, we’re primed to embolden these Gemini archetypes, highlighting the evergreen curiosity and communicative aplomb native to the 3rd sign.

Not only will the Sun throw its massive spotlight on this inquisitive terrain, but Jupiter lends it VIP status when the lucky planet enters Gemini on May 25th, promising bigger returns on Geminian investments over the next year. In whatever ways you’re called to cultivate a platform to learn, teach, write, spread the word—the winds of the “Twins” have your back! Make sure to double back to your natal chart (see the Lila app’s "My Chart" screen) to discover what planets and house(s) are really ready to wake up and broaden their intellectual horizons!

5 Actionable Steps in Gemini Season:

  • Follow a curiosity—even and especially if it demands embracing a new learning curve.
  • Feed your mind—refresh your podcasts, Kindle library, apps!
  • Mobilize—Gemini energy loves the improvisational novelty and learning opps of discovering new spots and people around the neighborhood and via short trips.
  • Lean into the power of your perception—whether you’re mustering your courage as an interviewer, podcast guest, photographer, songwriter—the world is ready to experience your unique point of view. Don’t keep it to yourself!
  • Mind the Gemini Shadow—make sure you’re pausing to listen, to intentionally disconnect from the purely cerebral, and to re-center to the quiet place within as a form of self-care.

If the Transiting of Gemini Sun Activates Your…

🐝 1st House: You’re expanding your bandwidth as new powers of perception become available as the transiting Gemini Sun turns on your 1st House of persona, style, and initiation. Your role as a message-shaper, communicator, and even whistle-blower comes to the fore—so be mindful that your words, photographs, even gestures may make a bigger impact than usual. Court curiosities, make inspired changes in your style and appearance, and enjoy a busy month of beginnings ahead!

🐝 2nd House: You’re primed for a fresh approach to your finances and resources, and likely you’ll need some new information and experiences to empower your earning potential. Look forward to action when it comes to things like your income, possessions, and core values. Research new side hustles, turn the faucet on multiple streams of income and follow sparks of curiosity when it comes to securing and growing your investments. Remember, your intellect and ideas are also a form of capital—share them with others!

🐝 3rd House: The transiting Sun in Gemini feels lights up your 3rd House of Communication—promising there will be no dearth of novel connections and correspondence from your email inbox to your neighborhood walkabouts. Your immediate world is teeming with new stimulus and your biggest challenge may be keeping up! You’re firing on all cylinders when it comes to expressing your views and ideas; just remember to take some time to rest your brain and just listen. Lean into your “yes” when it comes to taking an alternative route, trying something new, or even changing your mind.

🐝 4th House: As the transiting Gemini Sun activates your 4th House of home, family, and inner self, you’re ready to enliven your innate curiosity and broaden your understanding of where you belong. Greater attention to your home, a parent, or a family matter could change up your routine. Make sure your surroundings—whether that’s your company, your bookshelf, or even that boring wall you’ve been starting at—offer plenty of mental stimulation. Home is where the action is for the next month, so make it a place that truly expresses your interests, preferences, and growing fascination with the world around you. In other words, let your environment change as you do!

🐝 5th House: Your most seductive asset as the Gemini Sun activates your 5th House of creativity, self-expression, and children may be your ability to enthrall others in your stories, expressive panache, or inquisitive inner journalist. Explore your voice—or really any medium that makes a statement—as a powerful instrument of creativity. The dial is turned way up on your childlike self and a very human need to experience joy and happiness. That can come through connecting with favorite people, through flirtation and love, and through some sort of affirmation of your communicative gifts. Dare to put yourself out there and soak in the limelight!

🐝 6th House: It’s time to make work interesting again by learning something new, switching up your routine, or putting more intellectual muscles into the daily humdrum of life. Follow sparks of interest when it comes to health and self-improvement and lean into opportunities to build on your existing abilities, especially those involving communication. Relationships are due for a meeting of the minds; and getting in sync with others may require learning how the other half lives and being willing to change some of the “rules.”

🐝 7th House: As the Transiting Gemini Sun activates your 7th House of partnership, there’s a spotlight on your primary partners and the give and take of our most treasured connections. This is the time to share new experiences, reach new levels of understanding about one another and be turned on in ways you didn’t expect. Whether from a spouse, new love or connections all around you, this is a time to be “young at heart.” Meet this energy halfway by giving more priority to your need for pleasure and beautiful experiences.

🐝 8th House: The inquisitive nature of the Gemini Sun activating your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money cuts right to the chase of a matter as you have less tolerance for the superficial. You give others the opportunity to open up as you demonstrate your own willingness to turn a light on in the edgier depths of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Asking the right questions can reveal profound insights and anyone who isn’t willing to scratch beneath the surface or have a sense of humor about the darker realities of life need not apply. This is a season to enjoy some good mischief, name the elephants in the room, and pick up a rock to see what’s teeming on the other side.

🐝 9th House: There’s potential energy awaiting your intrepid inner explorer saying yes to new experiences as the transiting Gemini Sun spotlights your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education. This is a great time to challenge or explore your existing beliefs and accrue meaningful experiences that inform your worldview. Traveling, whether physically or by exposing yourself to a new place or perspective, is the best gift you can give yourself. Allowing space to learn and brush up against what is non-routine reminds you of the bigger picture and how limitless you are when you unfix yourself from one way of thinking.

🐝 10th House: Opportunities abound to grow your platform and broadcast your point of view as the transiting Gemini Sun activates your 10th House of Career, Mission, and Reputation. Your message has matured or is ready to mature, so lean into your role as a thought leader, teacher, or some kind of authority. It’s time for your message to spread beyond your inner circle—there are people you don’t know that are waiting to hear from you! Stepping into bigger shoes professionally may mean giving yourself permission to change your mind or giving people the quality of information that allows them to change theirs.

🐝 11th House: Your long-term vision adapts to the caliber of your company as the Sun in Gemini activates your 11th House of Friends and Allies. Give yourself the chance to engage with inspiring minds, especially in service of a common cause or interest. There’s power in numbers and you stand to play a larger role than usual—whether that’s as a social director and connector or lead a philanthropic pursuit. It’s as if you have a megaphone so make sure you’re in the kind of company that can rally behind you—or you them—and you’ll likely open some doors for each other both personally and professionally.

🐝 12th House: As the Gemini Sun activates the 12th House of the Collective Unconscious, you’re learning there are many ways to listen and communicate—and it’s sometimes the space between the words that is most pregnant. Your transpersonal dream world that may be teeming with life and begging for quieter or creative expression. Make time to embrace silence so you can observe these thoughts and perceptions that cross your fecund mind. Distinguish what’s “white noise” from your true inner voice—and relay valuable spiritual insights from that “pause” through journaling, meaningful conversation, or creative expression.

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