The Transiting Lunar Nodes Move Into Aries and Libra

October 18, 2023

The North Node entered Aries and South Node entered Libra on July 17, 2023.  We’ve arrived at a karmic checkpoint along the “Axis of Identity.” How will you respond?

By Kelly Chambers

For the past year and a half, the Lunar Nodes have illuminated the karmic lessons along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. We call this the “Axis of Possession,” and we’ve been living it since January 2022, when the North Node entered Taurus and the South Node entered Scorpio. We are now at the precipice of a Nodal shift to the “Axis of Relationship” as the North Node moves into Aries and the South Node into Libra. This change heralds a turning point in our personal and collective psyches, as well as a new cycle of evolutionary triumphs and traps.

Because the Nodes’ full cycle through the signs takes almost 20 years, these particular lessons are taught and learned only once every 2 decades! In other words, it’s time to attune your attention to what’s going on in your highly-charged areas of Aries and Libra.

To get an idea of how you interacted with this energy the last time the Nodes visited Aries and Libra, look back on your life from 2004-2006. How consciously were you navigating the “me” vs. “we” balance in your life?

What are the Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes are points in the Cosmos calculated from the Moon’s orbit and the eclipse cycle. They move backwards (or retrograde) through the signs and like planets, symbolize a particular psychological function. Often called the “Nodes of Fate,” they reveal the tension between past incarnations (the South Node) and the optimal path forward (the North Node).

Through a more thorough understanding of the signs, aspects, and houses the Nodes transit through in your birth chart, you can gain a potent awareness of the territory and triggers ahead. You can also better envision what an optimal response may look like for you.

Underlining the Nodes function as defining the karmic themes in our lives, their signs are mirrored in many of the eclipses between mid-July and November 2025. This is where these eclipses will earn their reputation as accelerators of growth and change. It is in Libra that the karmic chickens will come home to roost, and it is in Aries that we will have the opportunity to make bold new choices that liberate us from the blind patterning of the past. Indeed, the Aries Solar Eclipse we experienced on April 19th was right at the gateway of this Nodal shift. What commenced around that date carries a clue of what these next 18 months may be about.

What should we look out for now?

It’s worth repeating that no symbol in the birth chart is inherently “good” or “bad.” Each individual is free to respond as they wish to the stars’ blueprint for their lives. Like eclipses, the Nodes’ transits will affect us in different ways – some much more dramatically depending on what is “lighting up” in your chart and what your soul is here to learn.

Nonetheless, we must understand the South Node as a cauldron of our past-life patterning, traumas, tragedies, and even the things we “got right” but that ultimately won’t serve us moving forward. The transiting South Node in Libra will spotlight any suboptimal response or lack of consciousness echoing the sign’s themes of relationships, harmony, and agreements. Put simply, Libra marks the “we” portion of the axis.

The North Node is Aries represents the tenor of energy that acts a beacon of opportunity and growth. It reveals what we can achieve if we lean into the optimal expression of Aries qualities like independence, initiative, and the courage to act on our own behalf (the “me” portion of the axis). This in no way means that all relationships are bad or we’re going to eschew harmony for the next 18 months because the South Node is in Libra! By learning more about the wants and needs of our authentic self, we’ll actually be able to relate more deeply and honestly with others.

How can I expect to grow?

There may be places in your life where you’ve skirted into more shadowy expressions of Libra. These can include people-pleasing, indecision, glossing over “rough spots” in relationships that actually demand confrontation. If you’ve experienced these things, this Nodal shift will bring the necessary clarity, crisis, or culmination to help you course-correct – or become a little more “Aries” – in certain aspects of your life.

On the other hand, the planets and houses where Aries shows up will be emboldened as a more fulfilling strategy. We will be called to express optimal Aries qualities of trusting the self and leading with a sense of “I am” in spite of uncertainty or social pressures. We are all works in progress and this is by no means a perfect process. As creatures of habit, there can be immense temptation to remain in our comfort zone. During this transit, we will have to gauge the right balance of diplomacy (Libra) and force (Aries) for ourselves.

Like with any transit, this nodal shift represents yet another opportunity, albeit a long-awaited one with the fingerprints of fate, to fulfill the potential and learn the lessons of our natal chart. It’s vital to understand your own Nodal axis and see how the signs of Aries and Libra push the needle forward on your own unfolding evolution. Transits always harken back to the natal chart and the sign of your own South and North Node lay bare that tension between past and future. Most likely, the Nodes in their 30-degree journey through the Zodiac will cover territory in more than one house of your natal chart. For example, if you’re a 20-degree Leo rising, the North Node entry into Aries at 29 degrees on July 17th, 2023 will begin in your 9th House, and back up through the houses crossing into your 8th house about halfway through its journey at 12 degrees of Aries and complete the transit there, highlighting “hot zones” of growth that have to do with your quest for greater meaning and experience (9th house) as well as intimacy and the deep inner self (8th House). Similarly, the South Node - always exactly 180 opposite the North Node - will also visit the two houses directly opposite, the 3rd “House of Communication” and 2nd of “Earned Income.” The houses the South Node visits, will give us clues to the fields of life where we’ve overcooked Libra a bit, and we may have to “break a karmic wave” by setting boundaries, declaring our needs in relationship or allowing something to dissolve that doesn’t respect our fired-up sense of self.

Ready to begin?

How the next 18 months unfold will be deeply personal, but just knowing the North Node (my liberation) will be in Aries and the South Node (my karmic patterning) will be in Libra is a good start. Think: The Libra shadow is what we’re shedding. The Aries light is where we’re heading.

You can trust life to draw your attention to areas that need it. Keep an eye on the following dates for peak awareness:

October 14th, 2023 (Libra Solar Eclipse)

March 25th, 2024 (Libra Lunar Eclipse)

October 2nd, 2024 (Libra Solar Eclipse)

March 29th, 2025 (Aries Solar Eclipse).

To learn even more about this Nodal shift, visit the LILA app’s “Transit” screen. It will keep you abreast of the Nodes’ path (if they are aspecting a natal planet for example) and offer helpful guidance. For an abridged version, read our house-by-house guide below. Remember to check back in, as the Nodes will likely visit more than one of your houses.

We wish you a meaningful journey filled with passion, healing, and transformation. ❤️‍🔥

Where you’re heading if the North Node in Aries is transiting your…

🍎1st House: This is not a time to check in with others about what you want. Trust your desires, follow your impulses, risk playing the fool.

🍎2nd House: This is not a time to play it small when it comes to your resources and the way you make your money. Trust your drive to blaze a new trail, start a side hustle, and claim ownership of what you earn.

🍎3rd House: This is not a time to censor yourself. Trust you have something to say, speak up, ask for forgiveness later.

🍎4th House: This is not a time to allow old environments to define you. Trust your raw inner feelings, create a new definition of home and family, protect what you love.

🍎5th House: This is not a time to be a spectator. Trust your creative muscle, initiate a project, bet on yourself.

🍎6th House: This is not a time to blindly repeat routines. Trust your ability to find empowering work, develop a skill that takes guts, quit asking for permission.

🍎7th House: This is not a time to downplay your needs in relationship. Trust your desires, ask directly for what you want, reignite the spark of connection.

🍎8th House: This is not a time to downplay the truth of your experience. Trust your need to rock the boat, redefine intimacy for yourself, experience ecstatic orgasm.

🍎9th House: This is not a time to shrink in the face of challenge. Buy that plane ticket, admit where you’re bored, choose a peak to enthusiastically summit.

🍎10th House: This is not a time to rest on your laurels. Put yourself out there, risk your reputation, bring the gift of your fire to the world.

🍎11th House: This is not a time to be an island. Fire up new networks of friends, lead the way on a collaborative project, bring long-awaited dreams to fruition.

🍎12th House: This is not a time to be a rat in the rat race. Trust your inner guidance, say no to anything soul-draining, exercise your spiritual courage.