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VIDEO: Reset Your Relationships

LILA Astrologers Steven Forrest, Ricky Williams and The AstroTwins talk about relationships in 2021 and beyond through evolutionary astrology approach.

Relationships have gone through an unprecedented year. Some transformed. Other partnerships unraveled. Most are being deeply redefined.As we move into the Aquarian Decade, one thing is clear: Love needs a new guidance system more than ever! The old “one-size-fits-all” relationship rules no longer fit.

Good news: Astrology is here to help!

LILA astrologers Steven Forrest, Ricky Williams & The AstroTwins host an enlightening talk on the future of relationships in 2021.How to throw away the limiting “rules” of relationships 3 ways your birth chart can transform your approach to loveA new view of your Sun, moon and rising signs What the 2021 cosmic climate will make possible for love.

What’s Evolutionary Astrology?

EA is a method of “choice-centered” astrology that regards each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution in this lifetime. Steven Forrest’s seminal book Yesterday’s Sky details this technique in great depth. All four of us follow the principles of Evolutionary Astrology in our work.