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What Is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology: What it is & why we use it

LILA’s philosophy is rooted in the principles of Evolutionary Astrology, a choice=centered style of stargazing that views each person’s birth chart as a map of the soul’s evolution. LILA’s astrologer Steven Forrest details the underpinnings of this technique in his seminal work, Yesterday’s Sky, and outlines the core principles here.

Essentially, EA believes that your soul is born into a body to learn a set of lessons in order to grow and evolve. The birth chart is like the soul’s report card from prior lifetimes. What did you learn and master? Where do you still need to improve? 

As Steven Forrest says, “the birth chart reflects the evolutionary conditions and intentions of the soul for the present life.”

By learning your chart, you discover your higher purpose, and how that can be expressed and expanded through all of your relationship—including, of course the most important one that you have with yourself!

We believe that everyone who enters your life can be a messenger or a teacher. That doesn’t mean you have to stay in painful situations or interact with people who make you feel endangered or unwell. However, each relationship holds a key to understanding yourself better—through your birth chart and theirs. 

Lila's Philosophy on Love & Relationships

At LILA, we honor and respect free will.

Many people mistakenly believe that astrology is deterministic. “If I’m a Gemini, I must be two-faced” or “They’re a Virgo, so they’re probably uptight.”

No wonder some folks are turned off by it!

LILA does the opposite of that. We turn horoscopes into psychological insights that help people make better choices in their relationships.

By working with archetypes, LILA gives you access to deeper parts of yourself, cultivating an awareness that helps you understand your motives, desires and needs at a core level.

You always have the ultimate choice to love, leave, live with or connect to anyone you choose—no matter what your horoscope or astrologer tell you.

As the saying goes, “The stars impel; they don’t compel.” In other words, your astrological sign and chart will present strong influences. But YOU can decide whether to ignore those cosmic currents or follow them.

Human beings have consciousness. That means we possess the ability to choose our own thoughts, actions and paths. Astrology is like a GPS system. It can’t prevent you from crashing your car or stop major construction on the interstate. But it can show you alternate routes and new destinations to consider before you get behind the wheel each day.